Thematische Route

From Occupation to Liberation


Streckenabschnitt von unserem Partner

Streckenabschnitt von unserem Partner





7.02 km

The Channel Islands were the only part of the British Isles under German control during the conflict, and there remains plenty of evidence of their stay; coastlines are dotted with well-preserved fortifications built by German soldiers, and museums recreate those dark days with gripping exhibits.

This route passes through the most interesting sites of the wider town of St Peter Port, through historic buildings, cemeteries, monuments, bombing locations and stories of the Occupation and Liberation.   
The route starts at the Liberation Monument and after visiting the Valette Military Museum, walkers can choose to continue and walk the cliff path up to the Military Cemetery or return back towards St Peter Port main town to continue to the route. The last stop is at Les Canichers (blue mountain) adjacent to Les Cotils Hotel and Tearoom.

Orte und Geschichten entlang der Route