Guernsey / Wahrzeichen

​​The Old Government House​




​​Initially the official residence of the Governors of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, during the Second World War the Old Government House was used by German Officers as a military HQ. Nowadays it is a hotel and spa.​

​​From 1940 the Old Government House was occupied by German forces, who used it as their general HQ.

By early 1941, the building had become a Soldatenheim (Soldiers’ home) and remained so until the liberation of the Channel Islands in 1945. Here, Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers could spend their leave and off duty periods. Food and drink were served and there was a well-stocked library available for them to use.

Following the island’s liberation in 1945, the building remained an officers’ mess, but was taken over for use by the British forces.

Nowadays, the building has become ’The Old Government House Hotel & Spa’.

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