Guernsey / Wahrzeichen

​​Fish Quay​




​​During the Second World War and Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands, all food in Guernsey was rationed. Even catches from local fishermen weren’t safe from interference by the occupying forces.​

​​​During the occupation, Guernsey fishermen were accompanied by German chaperones to watch over their fishing. If they caught a haul, the fishermen were made to surrender the largest share of their catch to the occupying forces.

Similarly, other foods were also strictly rationed so that islanders could only have certain amounts of them.

Nowadays, Fish Quay is the current fishing quay and is still used. There are working fishing boats coming and going from the harbour, so it is an ideal place to stop on the way to Castle Cornet.

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Castle Pier, St Peter Port, GY1 1AN, Guernsey