Themed route

Pilsen Uprising

Czech Republic

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Route segment from our partner





6.39 km

Starting at the Memorial Plaque at 34 Čechova Street, unveiled in 2017 to honour Pilsen Resistance fighters, this themed route takes visitors on a tour through the history of the Pilsen Uprising. The Pilsen Uprising took place in the early morning hours of 5 May 1945, and was an armed demonstration carried out by the inhabitants of Pilsen against the German occupiers.

Whilst the uprising successfully captured many strategic locations in the city, the Resistance groups failed to occupy the German military headquarters at Klatovská Street 19, as General Georg von Majewski, commander of the German garrison in Pilsen, refused to surrender to them. The uprising ended with the arrival of American soldiers of General Patton's Third Army in the morning hours of 6 May 1945, who eliminated the final pockets of German resistance.

On this trail visitors can discover the key sites, stories and people involved in the uprising. From the Peace Square Monuments dedicated to remembering this history, to the house at Klatovská Street 19, the location of dramatic negotiations for the German surrender of Pilsen. Reminders of some of the key individuals involved in this history include memorials such as the Jindřich Křečan commemorative plaque and Roosevelt Bridge, which honour local Resistance member Jindřich Křečan and American wartime President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Finally, the end of the war is remembered in the memorial plaque at the confluence of the Mže and Radbůza rivers, which commemorates the day of the first free radio broadcast in the Czech language in Pilsen in 1945.