Na Obcizně Radio Broadcasting Station

Czech Republic




The memorial plaque at the confluence of the Mže and Radbůza rivers commemorates the day of the first free radio broadcast in the Czech language in the city of Pilsen at the end of the war in 1945.

It was here, at a place called “Na Obcizně”, that the citizens of Pilsen (led by Karel Šindler, later the first director of the Pilsen radio studio) captured, after a dramatic battle, a German transmitter whose task was to jam the London broadcast. After the capture of this transmitter, famous words came from the air at 0:05 pm on May 5, 1945: “Pilsen speaks, free Pilsen speaks.”

A replica of the German Luftwaffe's medium-wave transmitter, which was placed here in 1945, is now located in front of the building of Czech Radio Pilsen on náměstí Míru.