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​​War and Resistance in Lucca​

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Lucca is a relatively quiet provincial town but during the second world war it was at the centre of several battles due to its strategic position. This city tour aims to retrace a year of struggle, highlighting the importance of civil resistance. ​ ​​Discover with us the key locations of world war II in Lucca.

​These locations reconstruct the various aspects of Lucca's Resistance. The sites describe German violence and Allied bombing and the trail passes through the places of fascist power and partisan counter-power. The tour also reconstructs the birth and development of the Resistance, with reference to its political and military articulation, but also to the specific role of religion, women and intellectuals.

​​Particular attention is paid to the dynamics of the Liberation at the beginning of September.

Lucca is also a beautiful city with a rich artistic and cultural heritage, dating back to the Roman times. You will admire its intact Renaissance-era city walls, its Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, which was once a Roman amphitheatre, and its Guinigi Tower, a 45-metre-tall tower that dates from the 1300s.

This tour will give you a unique perspective on the history and beauty of Lucca and its surroundings.

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