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St George's Prison




A town prison since 1808, St. George's prison housed numerous anti-fascists during the war.

A convent of cloistered nuns (Dominican nuns of the Angels) built in 1520, it was used as a prison from 1806 by Felix I and as a house of correction by Maria Luisa of Bourbon from 1815.

From October 1943, it housed numerous resistance fighters and in many cases their families were also held as hostages. From 5 January, Augusto Mancini, a philologist from the University of Pisa and president of the Lucca CLN, was imprisoned there for six months.

A memorable action took place on 23 August 1944, when Franco Bonacchi, commander of the town's PAS, penetrated it in broad daylight disguised as a party official and helped three partisans sentenced to death for the assault on the BN headquarters in Castelnuovo Garfagnana to escape.

In the post-war period, it was home to jazz musician Chet Baker, among others, who was arrested for drug use and detained from August 1960 to the end of 1961.

Via san Giorgio, 108, Lucca