The Netherlands / Themed route

Nijmegen during the War

0.04 km

Hiking path


Persecution of Jews, bombing, Market Garden and resistance – Nijmegen has been through a lot during the war. The marks of the war are still visible throughout the city.

Nijmegen has many stories to tell about the war. Especially during the last war period, the city played a leading role on the world stage with both Operation Marker Garden and the Rhineland Offensive. There were fierce battles for freedom in the city, and later, the Allied troops started their march to Berlin from the city. Even before that, the city was under occupation, and experienced war. The route passes a variety of monuments, which, for example, recall the persecution of Jews or the bombing of 22 February 1944. Also, the resistance, the battle for the bridges and for the liberation of the city during Operation Market Garden in September 1944 are highlighted. Straight through the historic city centre and along the Waalkade, this is a diverse route that brings different stories together. The route starts and ends at the Infocentre WW2 Nijmegen, where the stories of Nijmegen and its surrounding areas during the war are explained in detail.