Themed route

Dropzone Ede

The Netherlands





0.27 km

This route passes monuments commemorating, and information panels with stories about World War II events in this area. Important events include the airborne landings during Operation Market Garden and Operation Pegasus.

At the starting point of this route is the landmark 'Windows on the Past', a work of art that gives an impression of the Airborne landings on 18 September 1944. At the foot of the artwork is information about the Battle of Arnhem. The walk then leads over well trodden paths through a nature reserve that is beautiful in all seasons. Forest and heathland can be admired in all their facets. You may be lucky enough to see a flock of sheep and be sure to allow time for a visit to the Heidebloemplas at information panel 2. The area around the sheep pen was originally farmland. Diagonally behind the sheepfold you can still see a piece of grassland and the wooded bank with oak trees. Due to overgrazing, the shifting sands, which were later brought under control by the construction of fences and planting of woods, were created.