Holandia / Trasa tematyczna

Groesbeek Landing Area

6.27 km

Ścieżka turystyczna


The area between Groesbeek and the German border characterized by fields, farms, and rolling hills. Today, it is almost unimaginable that this peaceful part of the world was once the site of a fierce battle.

On 17 September 1944 Operation Market Garden was launched. On the first day alone, around 8,000 paratroopers were dropped over Groesbeek with orders to seize the region and the bridges over the river Waal. Here, in the Dutch-German border region, is where the front line was. When the Operation failed in Arnhem, the Allied forces were unable to continue their advance north and had to stay in the Nijmegen area for months before advancing into Germany as part of the Rhineland Offensive in February 1945.

The route through the Groesbeek landing area takes walkers past farms that provided cover when this area was the front line, and across hills that were of great strategic importance during Operation Market Garden and Operation Veritable. Walkers will find different reminders of the war here: a plaque commemorating a fallen US military aircraft, a column marking the spot where Operation Veritable started, but also the Foxhill ice cream farm, which has adopted the American spelling of Voxhill. The walk ends at the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, which is a point where walkers can reflect and commemorate the liberators.

The route is easy to get to by bus from Nijmegen and convenient to combine with other routes or with a visit to Groesbeek’s Freedom Museum, where you can learn even more about this area’s World War II history.