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​​The American liberators of eastern Nord-Pas-de-Calais​


​​American troops liberated the eastern part of the former Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. They were positioned to the east of the Allied forces. In two days, the American troops achieved their objectives and succeeded in liberating Péronne, Cambrai, Avesnes and Valenciennes.​

​​The American troops distinguished themselves during the Normandy landings, where they suffered many losses. They then advanced towards the North, alongside the other Allied forces. The Americans were positioned on the right wing of the liberation force, along the Cambrai-Mons axis. The fact that they pursued a retreating German army that was often only a few kilometres ahead of them allowed for a rapid advance and the liberation of their objectives in the area in just two days. They captured Péronne on 1 September before succeeding in taking Cambrai, Avesnes and Valenciennes the following day.

During the capture of Cambrai, fighting broke out as just when the Allies had liberated the town, the reappearance of a German column required the intervention of American armour. This resulted in the death of 30 SS soldiers. On 2 September, Maubeuge was captured by the 3rd Armoured Division, also known as "Spearhead". However, the American troops also encountered difficulties in obtaining petrol supplies, which gave the Germans time to outrun them.  

The American forces then moved into Belgium and took Mons on 2 September.