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​​Monument to the two hostages executed




On 30 August 1944, two young Resistance fighters in their twenties, taken hostage by German soldiers the day before, were executed in the forest of Compiègne in the Oise region. A monument in their memory was erected on the site of the massacre.

On 29 August 1944, after being shot at by the Resistance, the German soldiers took two hostages in the village of Cœuvres-et-Valsery in the Aisne. The hostages were named Alain Demeurisse and Francis Prieur, aged 20 and 21 respectively. The next day, the two young members of the Civil and Military Organisation (OCM) of sector 138 Vic-sur-Aisne were taken to the forest of Compiègne, near the crossroads of La Faisanderie, to be summarily executed. A few days later at the beginning of September 1944, after being alerted by a gamekeeper, the father of the younger of the two Resistance fighters discovered the body of his son. He took it upon himself to erect a memorial, which is located not far from the place of execution.

In 2014, it was restored thanks to both families of the victims. A commemorative ceremony is held every year on the last Saturday of August to honour their memory.

​​Vieux-Moulin​, ​​La Faisanderie​, 60350