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Air warfare over Dalfsen

75.01 km

Cycling route


This cycle route connects special places related to the air warfare that took place over Dalfsen and its surroundings. About 13 aircraft came down here in the period 1942- 1945. Some of the crew members of these aircraft managed to get to safety and survived the war. Others werre less fortunate and lost their lives in the crashes. Some of them found a final resting place in the Allied court of honor at the General Cemetery in Dalfsen.

The route can be started anywhere. There are also some shortcuts, making it possible to cycle a part of the total 75-kilometre route. A good starting point if you want to ride the whole route is the village of Hoonhorst, where you can start the route past 12 crashed aircraft, each with their own story. The last stop is then Dalfsen cemetery for a tribute to those who had to pay with their lives for the fight for our freedom.

Historische Kring Dalfsen: De Trefkoele, Ruigedoornstraat 108, 7721 BR Dalfsen

Sites and stories along the route