Themed route

Tiel: destruction of a city centre

The Netherlands





5.97 km

Discover the history of Tiel in World War II by hiking this route through the city.

On May 10th 1940, the war begins for most residents of Tiel when they hear aircrafts flying over towards the West. Many residents have to temporarily evacuate to the province of South-Holland. Five tough war years follow. From November '44 to May '45, Allied artillery fired from across the river Waal at the German soldiers present in Tiel. This had disastrous consequences for Tiel's city centre; it was almost completely destroyed. Moreover, Tiel lost almost its entire Jewish community due to the war.

This walking route starts at WW2 Information Centre Tiel, which focuses on the history of Tiel and the River area during the Second World War. There were not much cities in Western Europe that were in the front line as long as Tiel was, over seven months. On this route, you will learn more about how the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944 had a major impact on Tiel and the River area.

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