The Netherlands / Themed route

Liberation battle on Frisian soil

44.49 km

Hiking path


During the liberation of Friesland in World War II, Canadian troops played a crucial role in freeing the region from German occupation. In April 1945, Canadian forces led the charge as part of the Allied campaign to liberate Friesland. They faced fierce resistance from the German troops, including intense battles at the creek Tjonger, where Canadian soldiers fought to secure vital bridges and defeat the enemy defenses. In the meantime, the Dutch resistance launched an attack on two bridges near De Blesse where they managed to occupy and hold both bridges.

Despite challenging terrain and heavy enemy fire, the Canadians demonstrated unwavering bravery and determination, eventually crossing the creek and gaining ground in Friesland. The local population welcomed the Canadians as heroes, and their efforts paved the way for the restoration of freedom and democracy in the region. Today, the Canadians' role in the liberation of Friesland is commemorated and honored, and their contribution remains a proud and significant part of the region's history, symbolizing the enduring friendship between Canada and the Netherlands.