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Bunkers on Schouwen-Duiveland




The Atlantic Wall is a line of defence ranging from Norway to Spain, constructed by Nazi Germany during World War II to prevent an Allied invasion. The Kop van Schouwen is especially protected as this is where the north flank of Walcheren as well as the south flank of Hoek van Holland will have to be defended. The occupying forces expect an allied invasion to reach the port cities of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Between eighty and ninety bunkers are built on Schouwen-Duiveland. The battalion headquarters of the ‘Stützpunktgruppe Schouwen’ was located in the northeast corner of the Slotbos near Haamstede castle. In addition to the command bunker, which was widely referred to as ‘whale’ bunker or ‘wing’ bunker, there are six crew bunkers, two ammunition bunkers and a hospital bunker. The Germans commanded all defences on Schouwen from this complex. 

The province of Zealand and Flanders played a key role at the end of World War II. From September 4 until November 8 1944 the Battle for the Scheldt took place with the objective to open up the ports of Antwerp for the Allied war effort.