The Netherlands / Battlefield

Bunde Boys' School




Early in the morning of Sunday 17 September 1944, all hell broke loose. German positions in the woods near Bunde and Geulle were bombed by single-engine American fighter jets called Thunderbolts. The bomb craters are still visible. Piet Hendriks from Bunde wrote about it in his diary:

"Around midday, things finally started to calm down. Everyone came out of the air-raid shelters; there was broken glass everywhere. The street where we lived, Vliegenstraat, was littered with war rubbish and equipment used by the fleeing Germans.

Nearby, in front of 'de Eendracht', which was the cooperative at the time, a fallen German soldier was lying in the corridor in the boys' school. The school desks, which had been used to create a roadblock, had probably been pushed to the side of the street by a tank and shattered.

That same Sunday afternoon, a small but sturdily built vehicle without a roof entered the street. The people were cheering and clapping. They were American soldiers in a jeep!"

Vliegenstraat 37a, 6241 CE Bunde