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Peace Wood Memorial




The Peace Wood is a remembrance memorial which was created for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge and pays tribute to the Allied fighters and Belgian civilians involved in the battle.

The Peace Wood memorial is a six-acre site with over 4000 trees from different kinds, planted with the shape of the UNICEF logo, the mother and child, symbol of human tenderness, which can be clearly seen from the sky. The official inauguration on 11 June 1994 was organised in the presence of a large number of veterans. 

The central part pays tribute to those veterans who placed a plaque at the foot of a tree, and also to the divisions involved. Around it, martyred cities are commemorated as well, for example Marzabotto (Italy), Wiltz (Luxembourg), Coventry (UK) or Warsaw (Poland). They belong to the World Union of Martyred Cities for Peace created in 1982 on the initiative of the city of Bastogne. 

The Peace Wood’s purpose is to be a living memorial sharing a message that is relevant every day. For example in 2012, a tribute was paid to the 26 victims of the shooting in the school of Newton, Connecticut in the United States, including 20 children, with the planting of 26 oak trees on their memory. 

6600, Bastogne, Belgium