Brunssum British War Cemetery

The Netherlands




This cemetery is the burial place of 328 soldiers of the British Army. The identity of one person killed is unknown. The grave of this unknown soldier has been adopted by the municipality of Brunssum.

The first to be buried in the cemetery had been transported from a field hospital in Merkelbeek in November 1944. Troops of the British 43rd Infantry Division (also known as the Wessex Division) were at that time engaged in heavy fighting around the area between the rivers Ruhr and the Meuse north of Sittard.

Other fallen soldiers were taken to the Brunssum cemetery at a later time. Many of them had fallen shortly before or during the battle for Geilenkirchen. There are also about 50 soldiers who died in January 1945 clearing mines along the German border.

The Second World War is still present in many places in Brunssum. Sometimes in memories and stories. Sometimes in the form of scars, such as the British War Cemetery. The sacrifice of these 328 men was made long ago, but has not been forgotten. Their legacy has not diminished. 'We are free, privileged and above all, grateful.' These are the words of Clemens Brocken, mayor from 2003 to 2012.


Heufstraat, Brunssum