Leudal Museum

The Netherlands




Leudal Visitor Centre houses a little local museum. This Leudal Museum presents a picture of the nature, cultural history and history of the Leudal. The photos, maps and objects on show also give an impression of the Second World War in the Leudal region. The exhibition tells the story of the German invasion on 10 May 1940, the air war, the resistance, and the period when the area was part of the front line and its liberation in November 1944.

The photos and objects in the exhibition were collected and gathered by members of the Second World War Working Group, which is part of the Leudal Study Group. The working group aims to collect information about the history of the Second World War in the region, prepare exhibitions and publications, and keep in touch with ex-combatants.


Roggelseweg 58, 6081 NP Haelen