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Georgian War Cemetery Loladze




The Georgian War Cemetery Loladze on Texel houses the graves of 476 fallen Georgian soldiers of the Georgian 882nd Infantry Battalion. Lieutenant Sjalwa Loladze is one of them.

During the Second World War the Georgian 882nd Infantry Battalion was stationed on the Island Texel. To avoid the German prisoner-of-war camps these Georgians fought for the German Army. The camps had the reputation of having terrible conditions. After hearing that they had to go to the Dutch mainland to fight against the Allies, they revolted against the German Army on 6 April 1945. After a fight of five weeks the German troops won. Around 800 Germans, 120 local citizens and 565 Georgians died. A large part of the Georgian soldiers are buried on the Georgian War Cemetery Loladze. The fallen Georgians are housed in twelve long rows on the cemetery. On their graves rose bushes have been planted. Lieutenant Sjalwa Loladze lies at the head of the troops in a simple wooden coffin. His grave is covered with a bronze memorial plate. At the head of his grave a granite wall has been placed. On this the coat of arms of Texel and the emblem of the Soviet Union can be seen.

Bernhardlaan 149, 1791 XD Den Burg, Netherlands