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War in the Peel Foundation




The collection of the Stichting Oorlog in de Peel consists of utensils and uniforms from the war period from May 1940, the German occupation and the liberation by the British and American armies. A large number of objects come from the inhabitants of the Peel area. Almost every object in the museum has its own story.

The Stichting Oorlog in de Peel tells the personal stories and experiences of residents in the North Limburg region during WWII. The aim is to share this with all target groups (schools, people with disabilities, veterans, seniors and private individuals) in an attractive, accessible, educational and, above all, safe environment.


In the summer of 2020, the Stichting Oorlog in de Peel started renovating its museum. The museum was expanded during the renovation. The renovation has not only expanded the museum, but also takes into account people with disabilities. A parking space and toilet for people with disabilities have been added, and the museum is on the ground floor. Thanks to these changes, everyone can visit our museum.

School groups

The Stichting Oorlog in de Peel is transforming personal historical stories into a modern digital environment where school groups and visitors can use today's technology to better understand, experience and appreciate the stories of the past. To make this possible, the Stichting Oorlog in de Peel is setting up a digital museum tour and quiz that can be followed with a tablet/headset.

Through this investment, the foundation wants to ensure that the heritage and the importance and impact of an important historical period becomes even more accessible and interesting for future generations.

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