Monument to the Dutch

The Netherlands




“Monument to the Dutch” is the only monument in the Netherlands that was donated by veterans of the 101st Airborne Division to the Dutch population in the liberated corridor. As thanks for their help, courage, compassion and friendship. The monument was created by artist Trudie Broos, who was born in Sint-Oedenrode.

The “Monument to the Dutch” was unveiled on 16 September 1994 in the presence of veterans of the 101st Airborne Division. South of the monument, the “Surprise” bridge (now called the Alzenau Bridge) is located. This bridge was not on the American maps. It was a surprise when they saw it, intact. By quickly adapting the plan of attack, the bridge could be swiftly captured.

The “Surprise” bridge proved to be a faster route to reach the Ham bridge north of the monument, the main target of the attack. All the heavy traffic of General Horrocks' XXX Corps crossed this bridge as it advanced towards Arnhem. This was one of the bridges that had to be captured during Operation Market Garden. Despite considerable German resistance from the cemetery behind the monument, the attack on both bridges was successful. Sint-Oedenrode would not be surrendered anymore.


Corridor, Sint-Oedenroede