The Netherlands




The high ground of the Westerbouwing was heavily attacked by German troops. The British troops were unable to stop the attacks and lost the strategic point.

On the hill near the Rhine river, was the Westerbouwing, a popular restaurant in the 1940’s that looked out over the Rhine at Heveadorp. The hill offered a view of the surrounding area and was therefore of great strategic value. When the perimeter was established, the Westerbouwing lay in British territory and was defended by B Company of the 1st Border Regiment

On Thursday 21 September, a battalion of SS-troops attacked the British soldiers near Westerbouwing. These troops did not have much experience, but were supported by four tanks. The British soldiers opened fire and caused many casualties amongst the German soldiers. They also managed to shut down one of the tanks. However, their machine gun malfunctioned and the British troops had to retreat to a lower point of the Westerbouwing. 

The retreating troops were followed by the tanks. Private George Everington of No. 12 Platoon of the B Company was in charge of his platoon's anti-tank gun and found himself at the rear of the retreating troops. He managed to take out two of the three remaining tanks, but unfortunately, this was not enough. The British troops carried out two more counterattacks to take back the Westerbouwing, but did not succeed. The Westerbouwing was now in German hands and the British area on the Rhine was cut in half. 

At this point, you can also see the remains of Landgoed de Lage Oorsprong. This estate was completely destroyed during the Battle of Arnhem.