The Netherlands / Battlefield

The first clashes: German attacks repelled, losses to be mourned




The Polish troops took up positions in and around Driel, including at the predecessor of this post-war farm, the Baarskamp. Lieutenant Richard Tice was killed in a first German attack on one of the Polish positions.

During the first night, the Polish troops tried to reach Oosterbeek to support the surrounded British troops there. Unfortunately, they did not succeed in crossing the Rhine river, after which the Polish soldiers took positions near Driel in the early hours of September 22nd, 1944. One of the Polish positions was located in the predecessor of the post-war farm Baarskamp. A platoon of 28 men under the command of 2nd Lieutenant Richard Tice created foxholes around the farm. A first German attack, supported by armoured vehicles, was repelled. During this attack, Tice got killed.

De Polen van Driel