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De Kleine Elft

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After the airborne landings of September 17, the inhabitants of Reek near Grave are awaiting the liberators. On Tuesday, September 19, 1944, an endless convoy of military vehicles finally appears at this intersection. All the residents of the entire area have gathered at the former hotel, De Kleine Elft. They cheer their liberators, who pass out chocolate and cigarettes. Fifteen-year-old Wim Boeijen is there too.

De Kleine Elft (‘The Little Shad’) was once a hotel at the crossroads in Reek, where the Allies arrived from Zeeland and turned off towards Grave. On Tuesday September 19, everyone from the neighbourhood gathered there to see the liberators. An endless column of military vehicles, tanks and troops streamed past. The liberators passed out chocolate, white bread and cigarettes.

When the advance halted, quarters were set up all over Reek. The troops rested, were taken care of and reassembled. Also, at the end of September, troops who had landed at Keent airfield were stationed in the village. As a result, for a while, the village took on the appearance of a military base, where the troops waited for the final thrust to the north. This would only eventually take place 6 months later.

"Oorlog en Vrede" cycling routes

Two cycling routes along the military heritage of the municipality Landerd, which played an important role in the past. Cycling routes folder and itinerary (PDF)

Corridorweg-Rijksweg N324 (roundabout), Reek