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A paratrooper in Eindhoven

LiberationVictory and defeat




On September 18, 1944, American paratroopers make contact with British ground troops at this church. At that moment, Eindhoven is liberated. More and more people take to the streets and welcome their liberators with overwhelming enthusiasm. The crowd is so dense even the British and Americans struggle to continue the advance. An American paratrooper explains.

On September 18 1944, the people of Eindhoven celebrated the liberation of their city with wild rejoicing. They welcomed the American liberators from the 101st Airborne Division with great enthusiasm in the north of the city and the British from the XXXth Corps in the south. Here and there, the revelry was so great the Allied advance was delayed, because the people of Eindhoven wanted to thank their liberators in every possible way. After more than four long years of oppression, the relief was enormous. For the many American paratroopers who were there, this made a deep and lasting impression.

Kruising/junction Stratumsedijk - Elzentlaan - Sint Jorislaan, Eindhoven