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Into an ambush

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Soon after crossing the border, British XXXth Army Corps tanks drive into an ambush. The advance starts on September 17, 1944 and aims to quickly reach Arnhem. But at a little distance from here, it is already halted for the first time. Fierce fighting ensues and valuable time is lost. A week earlier, a very different drama had also taken place here.

Soon after the start of the advance to Arnhem, British tanks of the XXXth Corps drove into an ambush. A hastily-formed German combat unit, the Kampfgruppe Walther, was waiting for them. The Germans set a number of British tanks on fire. These tanks then blocked the road and fierce fighting broke out. The advance came to a halt. The British only gained the upper hand through air support from Typhoon fighter-bombers.

But precious time had been lost. Eindhoven, the target of this day, was not reached. The aim of the operation was to launch a fast attack in order to reach Arnhem within 2 to 4 days. The first delay had taken place.

A week earlier, a dramatic event took place here. The Germans captured four residents of Borkel and Schaft. After they were “released”, they were fired upon. Two of them did not survive.

Barrier (N69), Borkel en Schaft