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Canada Poland War II Museum




Home to an extensive collection of original uniforms, weapons, artefacts, and scale models, the Canada-Poland War Museum is one of the most interesting private institutions preserving memory of the war and liberation of Belgium.

Established in 1995, the Canada Poland War II Museum is a private enterprise established by Mr. Gilbert van Lanschoot to fulfil the promise made to his father, Maurice, who indebted his life to the Canadian and Polish liberators. The extensive original collections within this small museum include over 70 uniforms, many pieces of original military equipment and weaponry used by Canadian and Polish liberators and German troops who opposed them, including an original Bren-Carrier troop transport. Most of these items are arranged in the main exhibitions in several live-size dioramas, depicting scenes from military life of both sides of the conflict.

Apart from original items, a large number of scale models of larger vehicles are on display, likewise arranged in dioramas. The exhibitions illustrate the story of Belgium’s liberation with an impressive number of attractively arranged original objects. Next to the museum there is a spacious tearoom with ornamental stained glass windows depicting coats of arms of Canadian units that took part in the liberation of Belgium.

Outside the building there is a picturesque garden. The Canada Poland War II Museum established and run by Van Landschoot Family is a touching example of private memory of the Liberation, attracting visitors from numerous countries

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