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The White Rock




On 9 May Allied soldiers from Liberation Task Force 135 landed at White Rock. Their arrival heralded the start of the liberation of the Islands. The soldiers were met by an enthusiastic population overjoyed to be liberated after five hard years of occupation.

On May 9th, the formal surrender of the German occupying forces by the German second in command, Major General Siegfried Heine, took place on naval ship HMS Bulldog, moored in the Little Russell off the coast of St Peter Port. The initial Allied force, led by Lt-Col Stoneman and consisting of four officers and twenty one men including several Guernsey men, all from liberating task force, Force 135, landed at the White Rock at 07.50 hrs on 9 May. They were greeted by a town decorated in red, white and blue and thousands of cheering Islanders singing, amongst other patriotic songs, Sarnia-Cherie. Lt-Col Stoneman set up his HQ in the Royal Hotel (now the site of the RBS Bank).

On May 12th, the White Rock was also one of the main landing points during Operation Prophet, when the Allied troops landed to secure the German defences of St Peter Port harbour. 


Toeristische informatie

Look out for several WWII memorial plaques in this area, along with the Liberation Monument, an obelisk-shaped sun dial and statue commemorating the liberation of the Islands.

St Julian’s Pier, Guernsey, GY1 1WG