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Maulusmühle Monument for Belgian-British SRA flyers




The impressive ‘Maulusmühle’ monument for three Belgian and three British SRA flyers is dedicated to the honour and remembrance of the six Belgian and British special agents who were killed on 21 March 1945.

This occurred when their RAF Hudson aircraft, on a secret unrecorded mission bound for Germany, was erroneously shot down by a US night fighter in the Luxembourg Ardennes.

The RAF Hudson aircraft crashed in the woods near Boxhorn and all crewmembers were killed. The present fenced in monument itself consists of a granite stone cross and six tombstones with the names of the KIA agents. It is surrounded by the debris from the engines, broken propellor blades and fuselage of the destroyed aircraft. 

Several explanation charts give details of the history of the unfortunate plane and its crew. The monument can be visited by following the signs ‘Monument Belge-britannique de SRA' walking up from either the hamlet of Maulusmühle (road from Clervaux to Binsfeld) or from the village of Boxhorn which takes about 30 minutes.

L-9974 Mauslusmühle (Wincrange) / +352 26 95 05 66