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'The Fallen Warrior'




After standing in a workshop for many years, a 'forgotten' statue was still unveiled. Monument 'The Fallen Warrior' commemorates all victims of World War II in the municipality of Hulst.

The sculpture 'The Fallen Warrior' was made by Hulster sculptor Guido Metsers and depicts a male figure half-reclining, slowly falling over backwards. Metsers made the sculpture at the age of 16, but it remained in the stonemason's workshop for many years. It was only in 1968 that it was bought by the municipality and unveiled by mayor Pieter Molthoff in 1969.

'The Fallen Warriors' stands on the Glacis (foreland) of Hulst's old fortress. The original sculpture was made of sandstone, but became increasingly tarnished. It was therefore later converted to bronze.

Every year, the 4 May commemoration of the municipality of Hulst is held at this monument.

Glacisweg, Hulst