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Polish Field of Honour




In the peace of the trees of Axel's General Cemetery lies the Polish Field of Honour. On the way to this field, visitors pass by the Axel civilian victims who fell at the hands of the war.

On the General Cemetery on Burchtlaan you will find the Polish Field of Honour. Twenty-two Polish liberators are buried here. In total, more than 60 Polish soldiers died during the liberation of Axel.

On the Field of Honour is a stone monument with the text 'For your and our freedom' in Dutch and Polish. The text is flanked by the emblem of the First Polish Armoured Division.

On the route to the Polish Field of Honour, you pass the part of the cemetery where the majority of Axel's civilian victims are buried, who lost their lives as a result of war from 1940 onwards. Most of the Poles killed around Axel are buried at the Canadian Cemetery in Adegem and at the military cemetery in Lommel, Belgium.

Burchtlaan 1, 4571 HR Axel