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Mitchellmonument Malburgse Bandijk




On 25 September 1944, the Dutch 320 squadron flew a mission. On the return flight, the formation was attacked by twenty German fighters of the Luftwaffe. In the process, a Mitchell crashed on the Malburg Dike. Crew member Williams still managed to escape from the crashing plane, but was shot dead hanging by his parachute.

Three crew members were killed in the crash. Australians Thomas Lennie and Bruce Williams and Briton Charles Carter. Carter is still missing. Canadian crew member Frank Bowmaster survived the crash.

Neighbourhood resident Frits Baars (24) witnessed the crash. Bruce Williams (21) was shot down hanging by his parachute, came down in the Malburg polder and was left in the street. At the risk of his life, Baars made an emergency grave for Bruce Williams. He buried the pilot on the verge of Graslaan and kept the dog tag. He later gave that to the resistance.

After the war, Williams was reburied at the Oosterbeek War Cemetery. He rests next to co-pilot Lennie. A memorial was held for the first time in 2010. Bruce Williams' brother and the now deceased Frits Baars attended.

2011, a commemorative plaque was placed at the site of the crash.

Malburgse Bandijk, close to John Frostbrug