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Liberation ‘SchumannsEck’ Memorial




The strategic road junction ’SchumannsEck’, was one the most murderous positions of the war that raged for weeks during the Battle of the Bulge. Today, the 1944-1945 Liberation Memorial stands here under the sign of reconciliation and understanding among nations as a memorial against war in the world.

In 1994, the four Luxembourg museums of the Battle of the Bulge founded a joint association (NLM asbl) in order to erect a memorial at the ‘SchumannsEck’. The site  of one of the Battle of the Bulge's heavy losses. The memorial  commemorates Luxembourg's double liberation in 1944-1945 from the Nazi regime by the US Army.  Erected to keep the memory of the many civilian and military victims of the offensive alive for the generations to come after the war.

Since the  inauguration of the 1944-1945 Liberation Memorial’ at SchumannsEck as well as at the Monument for all Fallen at the ‘Massegraaf’, former veterans of both sides have for decades have returned. They remembered and publicly reconciled their fallen, missing and wounded comrades. Often returning in person or on the occasions of emotional ceremonies.

The veterans have encouraged us to every day follow their binding message of standing up against violence, oppression and disregard for human rights.  Not taking  for granted the peace that has been achieved in Europe since the end of the Second World War.

In close cooperation with many institutions, new pedagogical approaches for a meaningful commemoration are therefore continuously being developed with young people. Following these innovative guidelines, the commemorative path through the former battlefield adjacent to the monument was designed in the framework of the Interreg project Land of Memory. This was according to the new pedagogical insights, especially to address the many questions young people have about the horrors of war.

Every year on the anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge, on 16 December , a commemoration ceremony is held at the ’Liberation Memorial 1944-1945’. This includes the participation of many young people, ambassadors from different countries and representatives of the government and communities.

The monument and the memorial trail are open to the public.

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