​​Lieutenant Colonel Hogan Command Post​





​​From 22 to 26 December 1944, this house was the Command Post of Lieutenant Colonel Hogan.

​​Hogan was the officer in charge of Task Force Hogan, US 3rd ‘Spearhead’ Armoured Division. They were deployed to counter the German offensive in the Ardennes, Belgium, which took place in the winter of 1944 to 1945.

On the 20 December 1944, they were deployed from the area of Hotton to advance beyond La Roche-en-Ardenne, to establish roadblock defences to stop the German counterattack. On 21 December, Hogan was ordered to withdraw. In the village of Beffe, he was forced to abandon his vehicle along with others and seek refuge in the local woods due to a German attack. Two days later, he eventually linked back up with his forces in the village of Marcouray.

On 22 December, he set up his command post here in this house in Marcouray. However, German forces surrounded Hogan and his small forces, and they were ordered to destroy all their vehicles and equipment to ensure they were not taken by the German forces. They were given orders to withdraw, and in the early hours of 26 December they did so. In doing so, only one casualty was received, which was through friendly fire.

Today, the house has a plaque to remember the actions of the soldiers of the US 3rd Armoured Division and Hogan, along with some historical photos. The property is now a gite (holiday house), and can be rented by the public.


​​Le Donneux, Marcouray​, Rendeux, 6987