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Vote for Mussert




In the 1930s, Anton Mussert's National Socialist Movement (NSB) gained followers in the Gelderland Rivierenland area. Block leader H.A. van Steenis of the NSB Tiel branch wrote down in his dairy how many members the party had in various towns of the Rivierenland area. In absolute numbers, most of the region's supporters and sympathisers were to be found in Tiel. The movement also had a large following in the village of Hedel.

The posters are not very readable in the photo, but around 1935 Willem Koster, occupant of the striking round house on Lingedijk in Buurmalsen, made his political preferences clear. Two posters with the slogan 'I vote Mussert' use to hang from the balcony.

About 10 years later, in March 1945, almost at the end of the war, NSB leader Anton Mussert made his last visit to Tiel. That day, Mussert had a conversation with NSB mayor Beekman and was explained the military situation near Tiel.

After the German troops were defeated, members of the NSB were persecuted. Excesses also occurred in the river area on 'axe day', the reckoning after the liberation. In Tiel, residents vented their frustrations and anger on a number of women, including Greet Fisscher, leader of the Youth Storm, who was secretary to the Ortscommandant during the war.