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Local resistance in Geldermalsen




The resistance in Gelderse Waarden and the Betuwe was multicoloured. Three organisations emerged during the war, each part of a national network: the Ordedienst (OD), the Landelijk Organisatie voor hulp aan onderduikers (LO) with the knokploegen (KP) and the Raad van Verzet (RVV) (Council of Resistance).

The secret nature of the Resistance's activities is obviously the reason why hardly any footage is available. However, immediately after liberation, members of various resistance groups had their photographs taken as a reminder of hard times and times of resistance.

Group photo of members of the Ordedienst(OD) in Geldermalsen. Regional commander of the OD in the Tielerwaard and Nederbetuwe was Jaap van Thiel de Vries, director of the brick factory in Heesselt. In the picture, he is in the middle on the second row from the bottom.