​​Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre​

United Kingdom




The centre was formerly part of No. 1 Communal Site, RAF Woodhall Spa, which was built in 1940 with a planned life span of only 10 years.

The site includes the officers’ and sergeants’ messes, airmen’s dining halls and the NAAFI (Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes) building, together with the ration store, latrines and ablution block. Only the airmen’s dining halls, the NAAFI, ablution block and ration store are within the centre’s boundary.

The Thorpe Camp Preservation Group established the visitor centre in 1988 to commemorate the airmen who flew from the airfield during the Second World War. No. 97, 619, 617 (the ‘Dambusters’) and 627 Squadrons were based at RAF Woodhall Spa.


​​Woodhall Spa Road​, LN4 4PE


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