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RAF Ingham (Cammeringham)​




​​RAF Ingham became operational in May 1942. The airfield is located to the north of the village of Scampton.

​​The airfield was made up of grass runways, with a house standing in between them. This was used as an officers’ mess for the aircrew who were stationed here. The airfield also included three hangars, two of them were located to the north and the east of the airfield along the perimeter track. The bomb store was located to the south of the airfield, on the other side of a road. 

The first squadrons to be based at Ingham were No. 301 and No. 305 Polish Bomber Squadrons, both flying Vickers Wellingtons. On 20 June 1941, they arrived at the airfield, which was a satellite station of RAF Hemswell. On 28 May 1942, they were joined by No. 300 Polish Bomber Squadron, also flying Wellingtons. In the first half of 1943, No. 301 Squadron sustained heavy losses when participating in large bombing raids on German cities, including Cologne, Essen and Bremen. 

In November 1944, the airfield was renamed RAF Cammeringham, after a number of deliveries of much-needed spare parts had ended up in Ingham, Norfolk and Ingham, Suffolk. In early 1945, flying had to be ceased due to the deterioration of the grass runways, and the airfield finally closed in December 1946. 

The former airfield now accommodates a heritage centre and a memorial in memory of the Polish Squadrons that operated from the airfield. Some of the wartime buildings still exist on the site and can be seen from the road.

​​Middle Street, Fillingham​, DN21 5BU