The Netherlands / Story

Belgian Piron Brigade enters Buren




Liberation was celebrated extensively in the streets of the western river area. At least, by the inhabitants who could celebrate it.

Dances and folk games were spontaneous expressions of relief and adherence to the House of Orange. On their march through the Netherlands to the cities of the west, Canadian troops, soldiers of the Belgian Brigade Piron and the Dutch Stoottroepers were received jubilantly as liberators.

Soldiers of the Belgian Brigade Piron were welcomed and cheered as liberators in Buren. The photo shows a truck leaving the town via the bridge over the Korne River. In the background the flags in the Peperstraat and the tower of St. Lambert's Church. The "liberation" of Buren was done by soldiers of the Brigade Piron to which some tanks of a Canadian unit were added. Some German troops were in Buren still after their official surrender, sometimes until May 9th.