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Jonkerbos War Cemetery




The Jonkerbos War Cemetery in Nijmegen contains the graves of 1,543 military personnel who were killed on Dutch soil between September 3 1939 and May 5 1945. Those buried here are of the following nationalities: United Kingdom (1,385, of whom 96 unidentified), Canada (88, of whom 1 unidentified), Australia (34), New Zealand (21) Poland (6), Belgium (5), The Netherlands (1), Russia (1), and not identified (2). The place where the Jonkerbos War Cemetery now lies, was where the American 504th Para Infantry Regiment assembled to prepare for the crossing of the river Waal on September 20, 1944. The texts on the gravestones were chosen by relatives of the fallen. In the cemetery stands a 'Cross of Sacrifice', with a bronze sword. The cross symbolises the soldiers who died in the Netherlands during the Second World War.

Burgemeester Daleslaan 35, 6532 CL Nijmegen, Pays-Bas