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Gustav Line Museum Aurunci




A permanent installation of artefacts and historical iconography, curated by the Gustav Line Association, tracing the key stages of the battles that led to the breakthrough of the German defence line known as the 'Gustav', January-May 1944. The facility is located in the heart of the eastern Aurunci Mountains, close to Monte Maio in the town of Coreno Ausonio.

The Museum of the Gustav Line in Coreno Ausonio, established in the 74th year of the liberation of the town of Coreno Ausonio (FR), was designed, set up and is currently managed by the Linea Gustav Association, a military historical study and research centre. It features a permanent installation that retraces the highlights of the battles that led to the breakthrough of the German defensive line known as the 'Gustav', January-May 1944. 

The rediscovered images from major international historical archives and the historiographical reconstruction of the events frame an exhibition of artefacts from private collections, from members and collaborators of the Association itself, but also from Corenese citizens, and all those who would like to contribute to its growth over time.

Via Don Giuseppe. Lavalle, Coreno Ausonio