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Daniel Pearson Jr. Memorial Stone




This memorial is a tribute from the inhabitants of Banholt and Terhorst, to the American liberators of the 119th Regiment of the 30th Infantry Division "Old Hickory". In particular to Pvt. Daniel Pearson Jr. from Massachusetts, of the Headquarters Company of the 1st Battalion. On 14 September 1944, he died of wounds sustained during the battle around Banholt.

On Tuesday 12 September, "Old Hickory" liberated the villages of Gravenvoeren, Mheer and Banholt. The next day, the American troops continued their route towards Termaar. When they were near the Bredeweg, Daniel Pearson Jr. was seriously wounded by shrapnel to his chest. On 14 September, he sadly died of his wounds. It was one day before he would have been with the army for one year, and less than a month before his 30th birthday.

Pearson was buried at the temporary American Cemetery in Fosses-la-Ville, in the province of Namur, Belgium. In 1948, at the request of his wife, he was permanently committed to the earth at the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, near Liège, Belgium. His grave can be found in section G of the cemetery, row 2, number 20.

Bredeweg 3 6262 NX Banholt