The Netherlands / Battlefield

Too late for the boat to Emden




After the heavy fighting for Woldendorp, the Canadians of the Westminster regiment advanced on April 30, 1945 towards Termuntenzijl and Termunten. The German artillery Batterie Termunten fired continuously at the liberators in order to halt the advance.

Supported by four tanks, the Canadians of the Westminster Regiment entered the area around both villages. Many Germans thought that the harbor of Termuntenzijl would offer a last escape to Emden in Germany, so many soldiers had gathered here.

This was also the case when the Canadians entered the fishing village on April 30. However, the boat to Emden left too late for about 500 Germans. They could be captured before a shot was fired! What the Canadians found here was unbelievable: vehicles of all kinds, equipment, various types of weapons and ammunition, magazine stores, steam engines, boats and even complete hospital equipment.

On Monday afternoon April 30 at noon, Termunten and Termuntenzijl were completely cleared and finally liberated. The area was not yet safe. The Batterie Termunten continued to fire at the Canadians with its heavy shells all day long. The Woldendorp and Termunten road was also under heavy fire, so that normal traffic was not possible. Later, a house in the area was hit and everything lit up. As a result, a Canadian truck with ammunition and rations was better visible as and was eventually hit by a grenade from the Batterie.

The artillery of the nearby Battery Termunten would ravage the area until May 1, 1945. After this the battery was evacuated by the Germans and the guns disabled.

PN, Mello Coendersbuurt, Termunterzijl