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House of Remembrance and History




The House of Remembrance and History, built in 2006 near Regina Coeli, houses the headquarters of several associations related to anti-fascism and the Resistance, a specialised library and numerous initiatives related to the memory of the 20th century

The House of Remembrance and History, established in March 2006, is a space of the Municipality of Rome created with the intention of sharing and raising awareness of the remembrance and history of the 20th century, with a special focus to Rome.

The following Associations reside at the House, carrying out their work of conservation, research, education and dissemination: Aned, Anei, Anpc, Anpi, Anppia, Circolo Gianni Bosio, Fiap, Irsifar.

The House also houses the thematic library of Istituzione Biblioteche di Roma Capitale [Rome Library Institution] of the same name.
The House of Remembrance and History traditionally holds commemorations and in-depth initiatives on the main dates of the civil calendar. It also hosts meetings with witnesses and scholars dealing with anti-fascism, the Resistance and the Shoah.