Museum of the Italian Liberation Corps 'Aldo Moro'





The Museum of the Italian Liberation Corps celebrates the Italian military unit that flanked the Allied troops during the liberation campaign in central and southern Italy. The museum is located in the town that housed the headquarters of the Italian divisions along the Gustav.

Thanks to its exhibition, the Italian Liberation Corps Museum 'Aldo Moro', which opened in 2018, honours the contribution of Italian fighters involved in the conquest of the Gustav Line during 1943-1944. The museum's historical project was launched many years earlier thanks to the valuable contribution of local historians, who were committed to bringing back to the territory the achievements of the difficult years during WWII in Molise. The Museum is laid out according to a subdivision of seven pavilions located in as many rooms, dedicated both to the most significant events that characterised the life of the Italian military unit and to the different phases of the conflict along the Gustav Line.

In particular, emphasis is given through the exhibition of artefacts, writings, materials belonging to the soldiers and the projection of videos to the active contribution made by the Italians within the scheme of the Cobelligerence.

A pavilion is dedicated to the arrival of Aldo Moro near Scapoli on 22 April 1968 to commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of the CIL. The name of the museum is also dedicated to this well-known statesman.

In the town of Scapoli, one can also visit Palazzo dei Marchesi Battiloro, seat of the Command of military operations, and the monuments and commemorative plaques dedicated to the CIL fallen soldiers, located in the town's historic centre.

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