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Monument to the 326th Airborne Medical Company




During the Battle of the Bulge, located in the field behind the monument, a hospital was established by the 326th Airborne Medical Company as a divisional clearing station for the U.S. 101st Airborne Division. On the night of 19 December 1944, it was overrun by German forces.

On 19 December 1944, the 326th Airborne Medical Company of the 101st Airborne Division established a field hospital near Herbaimont, beside the (N4) crossroads. With the German forces arriving to the east of Bastogne, it was hoped that being positioned to the west of the town, it would be safe enough away from the battle. Displaying the Red Cross symbol, the divisional clearing station had all the personnel and equipment necessary to take care of the wounded soldiers from around Bastogne.

However, some German advanced motorised elements had already bypassed Bastogne when the 101st Airborne Division set-up their field hospital and were heading straight for them.

On the evening of 19 December, the hospital was attacked by German soldiers from the northeast. It is believed that they were advanced elements of the 116th Panzer Division. Several people were killed and many wounded during the attack.

The divisional surgeon, Lieutenant-Colonel David Gold, who was the senior officer at the hospital, took advantage of a lull in the exchange of fire to negotiate a truce with the German forces. During this period, some of the patients at the hospital, those wounded in the surprise attack and members of the medical personnel were able to flee towards American lines, which some successfully reached.

However, many at the field hospital were taken prisoner and transferred to POW camps in Germany. Among the prisoners was Major William Desobry, survivor of the attack against his unit in Noville earlier that same day. 

6680, Saint-Ode, Belgium