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Memorial 40-45 Kapelle




Memorial 40-45 is a 'museum at home'. It tells about the French Battle, unknown to many, that took place in Zeeland in May 1940. It also dwells on the story of the people of Kapelle and life during the occupation.

The museum features dolls with the uniforms of the French regiments that fought in Zeeland. Besides weapons, medals and papers, there is a Red Cross uniform on display. This was worn by a nurse who cared for wounded French soldiers at St Joanna hospital in Goes. Other pieces portray the role of the French military in the Netherlands during the war years.

Meanwhile, the collection has grown so much that the museum is in need of expansion. The plan is to build a new museum next to the French Field of Honour in Kapelle, the only French field of honour in the Netherlands.

Visit the Zeeuwse Ankers website (Zeeland Anchors) for comprehensive information.