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Gdynia War Museum




Gdynia War Museum displays the collection of collector Mario Maas. At the age of six, he started collecting items from World War II. Over 45 years, his findings grew into a unique collection.

In 2004, in honour of the 60th anniversary of Axel's liberation, Mario opened a private museum in his barn. On the ground floor is a museum café. This is also where many of the historical vehicles are located. On the upper floors, the collection can be admired. A foundation of volunteers runs the museum.

Gdynia War Museum is located in the centre of the 1944 battlefield. The area around the barn had been flooded by the Germans to impede the Allied advance. In September 1944, four days of heavy fighting between the Polish liberators and the German occupiers took place in the area. The barn that now houses the museum was the only one to survive the shelling. All other barns went up in flames.

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Tweede Verkorting 3, 4571 RG Axel